Planning is key

Lately, I’ve been falling down on the job when it comes to meal planning. And unfortunately, that’s the key component to eating healthy. My goal each day is to eat 5-6 small meals, or 3 medium sized meals with 2-3 snacks throughout the day. This keeps my energy up and my metabolism going. Now, in order to eat that many times a day (I swear I feel like I’m eating all freaking day some times!) you have to plan ahead. ESPECIALLY when you have a job like mine where you may get called out to a clients’ site that day and end up spending hours there.

You’ve got to get creative with your meals, and I’m finding that I lack the finesse that I aspire to have in getting all those meals in each day. What I find to be most awkward is when I realize its time to eat and I’m nowhere near a breaking point with my client, so I have to reach into my purse for my trusty little snack bag of raw almonds (15 per baggie) that I won’t be sharing. Momma always taught me to share, so I end up feeling guilty for eating in front of my client and not offering them some of what I’m having. So this is where my dilemma lies… Do I continue eating in front of them? Do I need to bring another snack baggie to offer to them? Am I the only one that feels awkward? Do I need to explain my “diet” to them and why I’m not offering to share? Aaaggghhh!!! Too much to think about!! So then I tell myself: you’re probably just making a mountain out of a mole hill, so just eat the darn almonds, Sara.

The planning is a challenge for me. I never know what is going to sound good to eat the next day, yet I have to make sure I’m prepared for those days I’m away from the office (aka my living room). So the night before I have to plan and prep for the next day. And all that is a little mind boggling for this “fly by the seat of her pants” lady. But I’m working on it! For instance tonight I boiled up a dozen eggs, cooked up some turkey bacon, peeled & separated an orange, made a batch of tuna with veggies, put almonds, fig bars, and a banana in my lunch box, and got all of that in containers & ready to join the snacks in my lunch box before I head out the door in the morning. Now that’s what I call setting myself up for success!!


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