There will be days…

I recently lost a very good friend to breast cancer. She was a wonderful friend, amazing mother, beautiful wife, and just an all around incredible woman. She enjoyed life, sometimes more than the rest of us, I think. She had a heart of gold and would always think of others. It seemed like her mission in this lifetime was to make the people around her the best person they could be – leaving behind her an everlasting legacy.


I realize that there will be days when missing her will be in the forefront of my heart, but it’ll never outweigh the love and gratitude I have for my friend. For her, I am thankful.

The Walinski Clan

Yes… I’m a Polski! And I’m a proud Polski to boot!

Quite an interesting bunch, my family. Gma & Gpa had 6 kiddos – a small litter considering my Gma was one of 13 (Yikes, Great Gma K! That woman deserves a medal) – five girls and one boy. The Walinski Clan in order of birth: Carol, Joan, John, Dianne, Kay, Patricia. This is where the fun starts… They each have a “10-year twin” meaning they were born 10 years apart: Carol & Dianne, Joan & Kay, John & Trish.

The next generation is where this gets even more interesting… There’s six of us cousins, five girls and one boy – are you seeing a pattern? In order of birth: Jack, Michelle, Jennifer, Christine, Sara, Morgan. And guess what, the pattern continues! We each have a 10 year twin also; Jack & Christine, Michelle & Sara, Jennifer & Morgan (well, these two throw a wrench in the equation – 9 years apart, BUT on the same day, so we’ll let that one slide). Crazy, right???

The best part about our family is that we’re all so incredibly unique, yet we all get along so well. Each person brings his or her own craziness to the table; from missing fingers to tattoos, we’re a regular circus when we all get together.

Gotta love the fun photo ops when Uncle John and his missing fingers are around!

Gotta love the fun photo ops when Uncle John and his missing fingers are around!

I can hear the circus theme now...

Skyping with Kay in NY… Little did everyone know she’d appear onscreen with a red foam nose like the rest of us! (My mom & Kay are always plotting during reunions)